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Agencia Kory

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About the Project

We’re an all-in-one platform that brings together your website, Facebook, and Instagram chats in one place, making it easy to connect with your customers. Plus, we make it simple to run large email and text message campaigns that reach your audience effectively.

With our solution, you can also gather important data to enhance your customer database and improve your marketing strategy. Streamline your communication and boost your online presence with us.

The Problem

In today’s digital world, interacting with customers has become increasingly complex. Brands face the challenge of being present on multiple communication platforms, from their own websites to social networks like Facebook and Instagram. This channel dispersion makes it difficult to efficiently manage customer conversations and execute effective marketing campaigns. Furthermore, collecting and leveraging relevant data to enhance the customer experience and optimize marketing strategies becomes an even more daunting task in this fragmented environment.

Channel fragmentation:

Channel fragmentation:

A brand’s presence across multiple communication platforms poses the challenge of efficiently managing chats and customer interactions on each of these channels, potentially resulting in an inconsistent user experience.

Data management challenges:

Data management challenges:

Gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources hinders effective marketing strategies and personalized customer interactions.

Audit and conversion:

Audit and conversion:

Assessing campaign performance and ensuring timely customer engagement amidst buying interest becomes harder due to data scattering across channels.


Our omnichannel platform directly tackles the challenges mentioned earlier by consolidating the management of multiple communication channels into one panel. By integrating these channels, we can gather user data centrally, enabling us to better understand purchasing intent and provide detailed statistics to our clients. This empowers them to make informed decisions based on real data, optimizing their marketing strategies and the customer experience. Additionally, our platform generates comprehensive audits that offer a clear view of how users are treated at each stage of the process, enabling continuous improvement in how we interact with them. In summary, our comprehensive solution not only simplifies communication but also enhances strategic decision-making and customer treatment optimization.

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